Chapter 2 & 3

In the second year, or Chapter 2, our primary focus was type. We practically ignored fur and color in every decision we made. It was the advice of many judges that “you must build the house before you can paint it”; And, even though Rex is 50% points on fur, we decided that our fur was decent enough to sustain us while we focused on type (which was our weak spot). At the end of Chapter 2 we had a collection of exceptionally typed rabbits with moderate quality fur. And then that puts us at a nice transition into a new chapter.

As of April 2019, I would say the progression of my herd is entering a new chapter. The primary focus of this chapter will be to combine our exceptionally type rabbits with our exceptionally furred ones. I’m predicting Chapter 4 will be sometime near December 2019 or as late as February 2020 and that will focus on color (our goal is self blue and lilac).