Random Tips & Tricks

While we have set criteria when we evaluate, there are also little tips and tricks we use while making general observations of our rabbits and their development.

-Our deepest rabbits have a distinct rigidity of their hip (from the table up to where their hip bones sit) when they are naturally standing or walking. How tall the rigid portion of the HQ/hip is a tell-tale of their depth and peak - its so obvious you could probably measure the height and directly correlate it to depth calculations. This rigidity is more obvious after 14 weeks though.

-If a rabbit is consistently difficult to pose, it could be a sign of long shoulders or a long length of body (its uncomfortable for them to be compacted)

-A truly well typed rabbit will stay in an 80% posed position naturally when you let go. Ever notice why all the top breeders seem to always have the perfect posed pictures with no one holding the rabbit? Its more natural.

-Rex go through phases when they grow that’s why its best to make first cuts at 8 weeks because after that they grow outward, then upward and once they balance out at 14 weeks you can re-evaluate them, but at that age they also will get hollow from growing so fast and they don’t fill out until 20+ weeks then. So recognizing what growth stage your rabbit is in is imperative.

-Head size and bone structure for bucks comes in at 7+ months, but you can tell by the size of their feet how big they’ll be. I think this is true for people and most animals as well.

I’m sure Ill think of others and add them