More Evaluating Examples

Learning to evaluate is a very hands on experience, but sometimes pictures can help give perspective. So here are some specific examples of attributes on rabbits we see when evaluating…….



In this picture the doe was probably 15 weeks old give or take.

This is an interesting example of an early peak. This doe is very tall and very short-bodied, thus her early peak causes her to slide off. Its possible to have depth with an early peak but these rabbits tend to be flat and arent balanced in width and height. Early peaks will also give the rabbit short shoulders or at least the appearance of short shoulders (although I’ve seen rabbits with early peaks AND long shoulders but those are culls to be frank…).

Now, while this does’ top-line may not be top-notch, everything else about her is beautiful. That’s partially why pictures can be deceiving. I don’t have a top-down photo, but she has a wide, super firm loin and is really full to the table. We ultimately kept this doe for those attributes as well as her texture, finish and being a self that carries lilac.