In this collection, we want to highlight some of our favorite rabbits either through progression photos or 360 images. When we really fall in love with a rabbit, they always look exceptional from every angle and I love being able to show off these beauties. Maybe I’m rambling, but its a great technique to use if you become barn blind because a rabbit that doesn’t photograph well will always show its faults through 360 pictures. Also, taking progressive photos as they age is a great way to learn how your lines develop because memory is malleable and rabbits grow fast!


Hoppy Days’ GC Phoenix - 20 weeks Old

While this photo is not a Senior age photo, this doe only got more beautiful with age so you can only imagine her more filled and finished. I love this image because it really sets a standard for our goals in width. Her top-view really shows off her incredible width in her shoulder and how it carries all the way back, as well as a short length of body. Her back-view shows her fill to the table where her heals are at the edge of her hips, straight forward and that width carries all the way up. This doe truly is a head-turner in person!


Hoppy Days’ GC Phoenix

A progression photo starting from the upper right and going clockwise - 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, and 20 weeks (roughly). I go into more detail in my blog on this photo in particular because it really conveys a lot of information.


Hoppy Days’ GC Rocky

Another great example of how much rabbits change in the first couple months! The top photo is about 10 weeks old, then bottom left is 15 weeks, then finally 24 weeks. Rocky was always a personal favorite and even at his first show as a baby (top picture!) he got raving comments even with that gross baby coat. While you can see that his peak looks properly placed in the first picture, it definitely did not develop that height and quick turn over the hip until he was much older. We do have bloodlines that have that top-line from a young age, but this development above is more common.


Hoppy Days’ Prince Charming

At 6 weeks old this little buck shows great promise. Were hoping for him to muscle out in his shoulder (however hes is still just a baby), but this picture is a little deceiving because we loved this buck for his width and it makes his shoulder looks narrow, but they’re not. Watch this one! He could be a great asset to our lilac program as well.


Hoppy Days’ BISS/GC Marsha

This doe is stunning. Winning her first show at a whopping 12 weeks old, she is destined for greatness! What makes this doe successful is not so much her strengths as it is her lack of weaknesses. Shes another doe that looks great from all angles and I will definitely be updating this picture with a 360!


Hoppy Days’ (Unnamed)

Funny enough, this is Rocky’s offspring. At 8 weeks old, this doe was definitely a stand out in the litter. We see lots of similarities between her and her dad at this age! Which shows how pictures can be so important to track progression even in generations! We love her short length of body, even width of loin over the hip that will likely fill down to the table as she matures, and a top-line similar to Rocky. Keep an eye on this one!


Hoppy Days’ Odessa

This is Genoa’s baby and boy does she look like the spitting image of her mama - faults and all! We will likely continue progression pictures of this doe as she matures. This is the only bloodline that produce their insane peak, depth and commercial type at such a young age. This doe is 6 weeks in this picture and a very natural poser already!


Hoppy Days’ GC Poughkeepsie

Another doe deserving of a 360. What I love about her the most is once shes posed up she is like a brick! She is thick and wide from head to toe, and she balances with her height beautifully. Ill get an updated 360 of her as well!