Hoppy Days Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in Southern California breeding show Rex. Our focus is on quality genetics and balanced rabbits.We actively show our rabbits in California, Arizona and Nevada.

In Rex we specialize in Blue, Black, White, Broken, Otter and Lilac, but we also occasionally carry Chocolate, Castor, Opal, Tort and Red.

We have many different lines that we work with and blend to continuously improve and diversify our stock. Our Rex lines come from nationally ranked breeders including Roloff, Szychulda, Adams, Tenery-Wells, Ridgeview, JuDon and others. We pride ourselves for having consistently producing genetics and fast growth.

We also have small, show-quality Orange/Cream and Tort Holland Lops, and Chocolate/Lilac Siamese and Tort Mini Satin programs.