Current & Upcoming Sales

Updated 10/7/19

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Rabbits listed here are SHOW QUALITY ONLY - and these are some of our most prestigious animals that will be available. All of these animals were Top 3 in their litter, all actively shown on our Show Team, and many that we consider high enough quality to breed into our own program had we had the space.

For more modest animals you can check out the Litters page and contact me to see what available.

PSA: You guys were in the process of replacing some of our herd bucks and we’ve been getting mostly does, so there will be a buck shortage at the moment. We’ve gotten a lot recently, but we will be growing more of them out longer to be sure were keeping the best ones as its become critical for us. We will have some every now and again but at the moment we will have a plethora of nice does since we’ve gotten so many and we don’t need them.

Another PSA: We have completely sold out for convention. There are a few older animals that we were growing out that may become available in the next couple weeks; As well as, a large wave of some really exciting litters that we will begin to narrow down. By November, we will start having a lot more available.


Now Available

Hoppy Days’ Lincoln - $120

We held onto this buck because we thought he had potential, but weve finally decided he just doesnt have the right combination of attributes for our does. He won BOV & BOSB at a large show in AZ as a Jr and has a leg. Will be available at convention or presale.


Not Yet Available

Hoppy Days’ Chicago - $200

Love this buck. Just not sure he has the right combination of traits for my does. Been loved by every judge at shows. He has TRUE DEPTH. This is by far his most successful attribute and 90% of the reasoning for his price. His depth is derived from his actual physiological structure, not “good posing” - meaning he will produce it as well. He is also insanely firm bodied and thick skinned.

Im using him for breeding before he will be available. Also meaning I wanna have the doe kindle before he leaves as well. So exact date is TBD. He will likely also start accumulating legs as he approaches his jr prime coat.

Hoppy Days’ BISS/GC Genoa x Wright’s Bubba

Hoppy Days’ BISS/GC Genoa x Wright’s Bubba


Hoppy Days’ Peoria - $145

Although this doe has a longer length of body than our usual type, she has incredible promise with her peak placement, commercial type, and excellent width over the hip. Paired with a phenomenal coat, this doe has a lot of potential to add to someones herd. Her dam was featured on the front of Rex World magazine where she wowed judges with her picturesque top-line.