In Rex we specialize in dilute but out focus is on Blue and Lilac. Currently our most common and successful colors are White, Black, Broken and Otter. We also carry Chocolate, Castor, and Opal naturally - and we get the occasional Sable, Red, and Tort with certain pairings. Our Rex lines come from nationally competitive breeders including Roloff, Szychulda, Adams, Tenery-Wells, Ridgeview, JuDon and others.

Updated 6/4/19

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Maleficent (RR2) - Retired

Originally bred by Nikki Talken, this Grand Championed doe has been the matriarch of some of our most successful Best of Breed winning rabbits. Her lines are primarily Ridgeview and Roloff and she has a distinctive, firm square loin and build, but the phenomenal resistance in fur that those lines often carry. She also produces very full-to-the-table rabbits with lots of rolls (as you can tell), but they have a wonderfully bold type and thick skin. She is a large doe sitting at 10lbs and has since been retired.


Havana (SMMA0206)

Hoppy Days bred, this Grand Championed doe was our first home-bred champion. Winning multiple Best of Breeds in Southern California (with 45+ other Rex entered and nationally ranked breeders), she has since been retired to a breeder and has replaced her dam, Maleficent. Her primary lines are Roloff and Szychulda and her best qualities are the quality of her fur (resistance and finish especially) and depth. This doe is a stunnning, large doe with great finish, color intensity, and otter factor.

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Delta (T-W Delta)

Tenery-Wells bred, this Castor doe is one of our most decorated rabbits. With 15 legs - including 2 Best In Show as a junior, this Grand Championed doe has continued to impress us. She produces the fastest maturing fur in our rabbitry and practically every kit in her litters is a show-stopper. She produces the most consistent quality babies with great temperaments, as well as the most well-rounded and balanced rabbits.

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Cambridge (E008)

Originally bred by Dennis and Patty Roloff, this Lilac Otter doe is the head of our Lilac program. She has great fur for a Lilac and her color is a gorgeous purple-lilac tone. She also produces some of our sweetest babies. She has a wide loin that carries beautifully down to the table and expertly cares for large litters.


Dawn (DAWN)

Originally bred by Cathy Szychulda, this Grand Champion doe comes from highly accomplished lines and we acquired her the same year that Cathy won Best of Breed at Rex Nationals with a very similar Broken doe. Were very excited to have her in our rabbitry! Her greatest assets are her width and her balance of width from hindquarters to shoulders. She has already shown her true colors winning BOB against 56 other Rex at her first show with us - and against some really stiff competition!


Aleppo (DC3) - Sold

Originally bred by Marty Addams. He brings unbelievable density, width, and ideal texture to our rabbitry. This big boy is a whopping 10.5lbs, but he really is just a big sweetheart. He won 2 legs before retiring to our program because in his old age he finally was over the weight limit. He has been the matriarch of width and density that has been huge for our Rex overall. This buck has since been moved on to help Silverwood Rabbitry!


Eugene (MMDE1003) - retired

Hoppy Days bred, this Grand Championed Blue buck was the result of a co-breeding with a McCammon’s Blue buck that has 12+ legs and won BOSB at WCC 2018 (the biggest show on the west coast). He is our primary buck in our Blue program. His stunning color and smooth lines has earned this buck 5 legs including a BOSB


Oxford (LAMA0607) - sold

Hoppy Days bred, this Grand Championed buck out of Maleficent is now our primary herd buck . He has great height, perfect peak placement and great depth with a flawless finish and texture. He has earned 10 legs winning BOB twice against 56 other Rex including Arizona State Convention, as well as multiple BOSB’s since! He has since moved on with Heather Johnson to hopefully produce more beautiful babies for her!


Genoa (ALMA1402)

Hoppy Days bred, this stunning Grand Championed Blue Otter doe is one of our most promising juniors. She won BISS in her second show at 18 weeks old. Her greatest quality, besides her height, is her incredibly plush, dense coat and smooth texture. She is one of the three best coats we’ve produced to date.


Syracuse (ALMA1404)

Hoppy Days bred, this stunning Grand Championed Broken Blue Otter doe hold the record for youngest win in our rabbitry. She took BOB in both shows at her first show at only 14 weeks old! As well as, going on to win BOB at Arizona Convention. She is out of Maleficent and Aleppo, and is Genoa’s sister. She has an incredibly plush, dense coat, smooth texture and a beautifully wide commercial type.


Winnipeg (ALCH1214)

Hoppy Days bred, this bold, firm-bodied Grand Champion White doe brings the greatest fur we’ve ever produced and is a valuable asset to any Rex program. She wows judges with ideal texture and insanely dense, plush fur. Her fur alone has won her BOB at multiple shows and made her a Grand Champion before being retired and part of our breeding program.


Milan (ALCH1212)

Hoppy Days bred, this stunning Grand Championed Black Otter doe brings incredible width and balance that were looking to incorporate into our program; As well as, fantastically resistant and dense fur. Sister to Winnipeg, were excited to have these does in our program. With a tall, deep buck this doe is going to create some show-stoppers!


Caspian (ALHA1603)

Hoppy Days bred, this Grand Championed buck has already proven himself winning BOSB at Arizona Convention three times! He has a short length of body with incredible height and depth - even with a late start he’s a cinch to pose and compacts beautifully. Judges love how full to the table he is and balanced with great fur this buck will likely become a main herd buck of ours. He has also been proven to carry lilac!


Rocky (EUCA2103)

Hoppy Days bred, this super type-y buck will quickly become one of our new herd bucks. He will likely replace Oxford with his fantastic height, perfect peak and commercial type. An exciting future for this guy! He is also a guaranteed lilac carrier and will be an integral part of our program.


Cameron (TL817)

McCammon bred, Cameron brings incredible width and fill in the lower hindquarters as well as a great start, shoulders and texture that we hope to incorporate. We have had great success with breeding McCammon bloodlines into our stock and we have high hopes for this buck in the future!