UPDATES: We have a couple show quality sales now available and we will have more coming between now and convention. Also, there is a new page called Highlights under The Herd. Check it out! -8/27/19

We also now post all sales on rabbitnetwork.net as well as here


What We Do


Hoppy Days Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in Southern California breeding Show-Quality Rex. Our primary focus is producing the highest possible quality show rabbits through type and fur balance, while maintaining quality, sturdy, clean and consistent producing genetics.We actively show our rabbits in California, Arizona and Nevada.

We regularly have rabbits available for a variety of needs: show rabbits, homestead breeding rabbits, pets, and rabbits for raw feeding. We also have small, show-quality Smoke Pearl Mini Rex, Cream Holland Lops, and Chocolate Tort Mini Satin programs.

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About US

While we specialize in Blue, Black, White, Broken, Otter and Lilac, but we also occasionally carry Chocolate, Castor, Opal, Sable, Tort, and Red

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The Herd

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The Winners Circle

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